MRI Pilot project: You examine with the most modern extremity MRTechnology – We invest!

The big interest in our mobile MRI and the good collaboration with many Doctors and Clinics have motivated us to extend the existing investigation possibilities.

For the realization of our MRI pilot project, we search 8 to 10 doctors, together to participate one MRI system provided by us and examine minimum 10 patient per month per doctors.
A room of approx. 25 m² from one of the participant doctors is to be provided for the MRI system. The investigation spectrum encloses all joints, also shoulder and hip, as well as, in addition, the C-spine and Lumbar spine. The costs originating for the participant doctors lie depending on the patient's number between 200-250 € per examination. All other costs like for servicing, repair, assurance, medical specialist staff are carried by the Shiva Medicare.
In a personal conversation we explain to you with pleasure further details to this project. Simply call us.

The same MRI system with the same configurations and condition can be provided by us also as a mobile system.






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